Digital wireless communication exploration lab



Digital communication is widely taught in Electrical Engineering Curricula, both at the bachelor and at master levels. Most of these courses take an abstract approach that puts most emphasis on the theory, a theory that is beautiful and elegant. Also in our bachelor program there are courses that primarily focus on the fundamental theory. Communication Theory (5ETB0) is such a course. This course is on detection theory, channel capacity, pulse transmission, carrier transmission, all from a theoretical perspective. Therefore students are not fully prepared to apply their knowledge immediately to real digital wireless communication systems. What is lacking is knowledge about how the theory is implemented in practice. In particular some experience with symbol synchronisation, frame detection, channel estimation and equalisation, would make the profile of a communication engineer significantly stronger. Therefore we have developed a new course in the master part of the program that bridges the gap between theory and practice. The course is built around eight labs and these labs are based on National Instrument’s Universal Software Radio Peripherals (USRP’s), model 2900.
Course period1/09/17 → …
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