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This is a project about designing and implementing interactive web-based eye movement data visualizations. In addition the development of professional skills is an important aspect of this project. Each group of at most 6 participants specifies, designs, and actually builds several linked candidates of eye movement data visualizations that are useful for non-experts to deal with their eye movement data. Each group must document the implemented code and also report on the activities during the project. Each project is concluded with a presentation in form of a video and a final written report. This course focuses on learning how to deal with growing datasets in information visualization, in particular eye movement data that can be transformed in many other data types like hierarchies, multivariate data, or relational data, i.e., graphs and networks. To give access to a wider population it is important to provide a web-based tool in order to allow people from all over the world to upload their eye movement data and to interact with it with the final goal to detect patterns or anomalies, i.e., insights in it which supports a data analyst to finally derive knowledge about an unknown dataset.
Course period1/09/17 → …
Course levelIntroductory
Course formatCourse