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After registration, you will be placed on a waiting list. Being on the waiting list does NOT mean the groups are full. We just want to make sure students are added to their preferred group as much as possible. Students in the 2nd year of their master, will be assigned to a group first in case there are not enough spots for everyone. This could mean that a 1st year student will have to wait a quartile to take this course. When you register, you are supposed to pick one of the groups. You will only have to attend the meetings of the group you are in (so one meeting per week on that specific day and time slot). Not showing up for a meeting without notifying us upfront about your absence, will result in being removed from the course in Canvas and in being unable to pass the course. Absence with a valid reason that is communicated upfront, can be compensated for with an individual repair assignment.. Even though we believe this course is useful for all students during the whole master period, we recommend you to take the course from quartile 2 in your first year onwards and to not register for this course at the very start of your master (quartile 1) and also not later than 3-6 months before master graduation.
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