The Dissenter, Episode #222: "Sven Nyholm: Self-Driving Cars, Love Enhancement, and Sex Robots"

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"In this episode, we talk about philosophy of technology. We go through some specific topics, like self-driving cars, love enhancement, and sex robots, and several different philosophical perspectives on them, and their ethical ramifications.

Time Links: 01:19 New and emerging technologies, and human agency 05:22 Self-driving cars 12:53 Self-driving cars and the trolley problem 20:29 The medicalization of love, love-enhancing and anti-love drugs 35:04 When is love authentic? 41:40 Medicalizing love, and state-funded drugs 48:17 Can we just let people decide in a free market? 53:05 Sex robots, and establishing intimate relationships with them 1:05:02 Different perspectives on the social impact of sex robots 1:10:30 Follow Dr. Nyholm’s work!"

Period29 Aug 2019

Media contributions


Media contributions


  • Robots
  • Ethics
  • Self-driving cars
  • Love
  • Medicalization
  • Values