Podcast SEFI European engineering educators: Diana Adela Martin on intercultural ethics

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In this episode we talk to Dr. Diana Martin, a Senior Research Fellow within the Centre for Engineering Education (CEE) at University College London (UCL). Diana applies knowledge obtained during her study of both philosophy and liberal arts in her work into the implementation of ethics, sustainability and societal aspects within engineering education, having completed her PhD project entitled “Towards a Sociotechnical Reconfiguration of Engineering and an Education for Ethics, a Critical Realist Investigation into the Patterns of Education and Accreditation of Ethics in Engineering Programmes” in July 2020.


Period17 Jun 2024

Media contributions


Media contributions

  • TitleSEFI European engineering educators: Diana Adela Martin on intercultural ethics
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    0.00 Welcome and introduction to episode

    0.38 Podcast Intro

    0.59 Experiences in teaching ethics to engineering students from Natalie and Neil

    2.31 Diana's Background

    10.18 How Diana's experiences in different global contexts inform her approach to engineering ethics education

    11.38 How ethics and intercultural ethics are conceptualised

    12.37 Individual and collective responsibilities (microethical vs macroethical approaches)

    16.44 Relevant values within engineering ethics and value sensitive design

    24.00 The power of engineers in creation of technological artefacts: Introducing participatory/community-based approaches

    27.15 Variation in meanings and emphasis on values in different contexts and cultures

    34.33 WEIRD populations

    37.16 How do we do this in the classroom? Use of PBL to support ethics education during design

    45.30 Student response to ethics education

    48.23 The global state of engineering ethics education: International Handbook of Engineering Education Research Chapter

    53.56 Final advice from Diana

    1.01.46 Key takeaways from Natalie and Neil
    Producer/AuthorSEFI The European Society of Engineering Education
    PersonsDiana Adela Martin


  • engineering ethics
  • intercultural ethics