Don't take changing the clocks too lightly

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Period6 Nov 2018

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Media contributions

  • TitleProf Talk | Don't take changing the clocks too lightly
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    DescriptionIt seemed briefly as if last weekend would be one of the last occasions on which we would have to re-set our clocks. The European Commission is arguing for the abolition of the biannual custom of changing the clocks as of Spring 2019, but the decision about having permanent Summer or Winter Time is proving more complex than anticipated. Why do we feel 'social jetlag' when we change the clocks? Does this affect everyone, and can we as individuals do anything to reduce this unpleasant feeling? And which time is the better one: Summer or Winter Time?
    Producer/AuthorNicole Testerink
    PersonsYvonne A.W. de Kort, Sebastiaan Overeem