‘Diplomatic’ research with India and Turkey

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    Towards achieving a shared aim: Education for Global Citizenship and Sustainable Development by Using Socio-scientific Issues in Science Education

    This project aims to share the experiences of good practices and existing materials on Socio-scientific Issues (SSI) concerning Global Citizenship, for improving stakeholders’ knowledge and skills on this issue. It will build capacity in organisations by developing a competency framework for competencies that are promoted by the SSI materials. The workshop will provide Turkish and Dutch teams with the opportunity of sharing experiences and developing ideas for further collaboration. A seminar which will be given to a diverse group of stakeholders, pre/in-service teachers/educators, researchers, will help them develop ideas about integrating SSI towards Global Citizenship in their practices.

    The project is granted by NWO under Science Diplomacy Fund (SDF).

    Period2 Jun 2020

    Media contributions


    Media contributions