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I was hired as a full-time research assistant at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU, Hong Kong) to investigate the effect of stimulus size and adaptation on the perceived speed of dynamic colored light. During my stay in PolyU, I collaborated with Dr. Minchen Wei – an assistant professor at PolyU.
The research project at PolyU was an extension of part of my Ph.D. research project . In my earlier research work, I focused on measuring the perceived speed of temporal colored light changes described in terms of ΔE*ab, which is a measure defined in the CIELAB color space, typically used to describe perceived color differences of two colored patches next to each other. Results of these experiments showed that CIELAB is not an appropriate color space to describe the perception of temporal color differences. These results were obtained with participants sitting in a fully illuminated environment with limited attention to their extent of adaptation to this environment. At PolyU, the light stimulus occupied a smaller field of view, such that effects of central and peripheral vision can be decoupled. Furthermore, participants of the experiments were now submitted to a constant illumination to better control for their temporal adaptation state. These new results helped me in gaining more in-depth knowledge on the perception of temporally modulated light. As a result, these experiments also helped me to develop better argumentation in my thesis.
Period30 Jul 20196 Dec 2019
VisitingThe Hong Kong Polytechnic University