Integrative lighting, recent advances and insights

Activity: Talk or presentation typesPlenary talkScientific


Light can powerfully impact sleep, circadian rhythms, alertness, mood and hormone secretion. In integrative lighting solutions these so-called non-visual effects of light are combined with light’s visual effects to maximize human comfort, health and well-being. In 2018 the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) has defined a new metrology to describe light for its ability to stimulate the five photoreceptor classes (rods, S/M/L-cones, ipRGCs) that can contribute to the eye-mediated non-visual effects of light. In this presentation some application examples of the new metrology will be given. Next to this the new metrology will be adopted in a discussion of the recommendations of the 2nd international workshop on circadian and neurophysiological photometry (2019) and some initial guidance on healthy daytime, evening and night-time light exposures in day active people will be given.
Period20 Oct 202121 Oct 2021
Event titleSVETLO/LIGHT 2021
Event typeConference
Degree of RecognitionInternational